A color photo that shows one hand passing a credit card to a hand in computer monitor – used to illustrate a point about how easily people trust websites
Internet frauds: Protect yourself online | Image credit: Pixabay
What can we do ourselves for online protection?

Well, a lot. Most of what you can do yourself for security when using services of the Internet, is to learn and to be aware of the safe use of the web. And do not forget to teach your children about it. Our personal and business data are the biggest target for online attackers, and they can do a lot of damage when they abuse them.

Here are some basic recommendations for safe online surfing:
  • Protect your identity and your personal information
  • Be aware that you own your online incidence and that you define the rules
  • Use powerful and complex passwords
  • As much as possible, use double protection, double passwords or a combination of two shields
  • Stick to the principle one account one password, which means that you use different passwords on different accounts
  • Save your password in safe places
  • Always pay attention to online fraud and potential threats
  • Protect your computer by using antivirus and antispyware programs. Don’t forget on the use of a firewall!
  • Be careful when using public networks and be sure to turn them off when finished with browsing

Have a look at video, created by IBM. It provides you with helpful basic threats and tips on how to be more secure online so you can make the most of all that online computing.

Final thought
With the arise of the Internet, many doors and new opportunities have opened up. However, at the same time, with increased use and massive online web interaction we became vulnerable. Our personal information, identity has become online accessible, so we mustn’t forget the smart use of the Internet. Our biggest weapon in the fight against online fraud and threats is our knowledge, awareness of security and protection on the web.

Think and connect wisely.


Security and protection on the web – basic tips for everyone

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