Security has been a hot topic lately when discussing the applications available on the Android platform. As the Android Market grows, there are more and more apps that pose a threat to the Android operating system.

Recently, some apps that contain malware have been removed from the Android Market and there are concerns about the operating system vulnerability. This is mainly due to the openness of Android.

However, due to the impressive operating system of Android, there are many security apps available that can prevent damage. Many of these functions are very similar. For some security options that cost more than $ 30 a year, it’s important to look for and choose a single app that can help protect your Android and avoid wasting money.

Listed below are lists of security apps currently available on Android:

1. GlassWire

This is one of the newest security apps that shows an application that is using more data. You will get a live graph showing the amount of data your applications are consuming.

You will also receive notifications that let you know when a new application is collecting certain data. It’s also a great way to see strange activities in the background. The main purpose is to ensure that you don’t hit your data cap. However, it can be extremely instructive to see a random application that you don’t know is pulling something from the web.

It offers a free version with limited functionality, while the Pro version offers unlimited functionality up to $ 9.99 a year.

2. LastPass

With the Lastpass security app you can store passwords, PIN codes, and other confidential site information for quick access. Everything is hidden behind a master password of your choice. It is infinitely safer than placing this information almost anywhere.

You can also purchase LastPass Authenticator for added security. It offers a free version that offers enough functionality, but the Pro version offers more features like sync options, and more for $ 12 to $ 24 a year.

Color photo of an app in the Google Store, used to present the importance of security apps.
There are many security apps available that can prevent damage. | Photo credit: Pixabay
3. Firefox Focus

The Firefox Focus is an Android browser that is always in incognito mode. Your activities will not be recorded over a long period of time, you can delete them at any time. It can also remove trackers and advertisements.

The application is completely free, with no in-app purchases. It is significantly more private than most browsers. However, it doesn’t protect from everything.

4. Lookout Mobile Security

This security app offers a free version that allows users to locate a lost phone on a map and send an alarm to show the exact location. It also provides basic backup of contacts and phone data. Ideally, it works in the background, thus preserving the long battery life.

If you’re interested in a premium edition for around $ 30 a year, users will benefit from a data protection advisor, transparent data transfer, and data deletion functions, among other things.

5. AVG mobilization

This is another important security app for Android. Although the free version has many similar functions to the listed free Lookout app (content backup, phone location), there are differences.

For example, AVG offers the ability to remotely wipe and lock the device, which Lookout only authorizes through its paid version. With a one-time payment of around $ 10, users can also use the paid application to instantly scan text messages to recognize anything that could be dangerous.

Color photo of a smartphone with a security apps on screen.
On the growing Android market there are many malware apps, so a smartphone software protection is a must. | Photo credit: Pixabay
6. Find my device on Google

Find my device on Google is a security app for Android that helps tracks the location of your phone. The app can also play sounds to make searching easier. It can erase your device, display a message, and even lock your phone remotely.

The ability to find a lost phone is important to protect your privacy. This security app is completely free. This definitely makes it a good option for security applications.

7. Resilio Sync

With this security application you can create your own cloud storage. The computer version turns your everyday computer into a cloud storage server. The application will then help you to synchronize files between your PC and your phone or tablet.

It works like Google Drive or Dropbox, except that you always know exactly where your files are. This is ideal for more sensitive data. It’s also ideal for those who don’t trust online cloud storage but still want storage versatility. The application is easy even for beginners.

The free version is more than suitable for simple use cases. There’s a onetime payment pro version with a fairly high price that ranges from $ 55 and $ 99.99.


Given the large amount of personal information that can be contained on an Android device and associated with increasing security threats, the importance of security application cannot be overstated. It is necessary to find a security application that is tailored to your needs and protects your Android device. If you want to learn more about cybersecurity, you can also find great suggestions of online cybersecurity courses and classes on our site.

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Top Security Apps to Protect Your Android

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