Finding the best home server and software can be a little challenging especially if this is your first time making such an investment. In recent years, home servers are becoming very common. Thus, you are likely to find various options in the market.

If you have a network of computers in your home, a home server will help you to organize and easily access your files. Without a server, sharing these files from one computer to another can be very time-consuming and inefficient.

Benefits of the Investment

On the other hand, every server takes care of file storage, downloading, sharing, and many more. A home server is a computer with a hard drive and connected to the internet.

A typical home server runs 24/7 non-stop. Thus, before investing in one of these machines, it is absolutely important that you consider the quality of the server that you want to buy as well as the amount of electricity consumed. Once you successfully set up your server, you can use it to run a website, collect and send messages, store your OpenID credentials, and even play media in your home.

Color photo of plugged-in home servers; used to illustrate the simplicity of home server set up.
Setting up a simple server is fun and it is something you can do without prior experience. | Photo credit: Pixabay

Home Server Set-Up

Setting up a home server is fun and it is something you can do without prior experience. Fortunately, there are a couple of YouTube videos to guide you. You can also find detailed instructions on various online forums such as Reddit and

Most people that set up their own home server makes use of their old computer. It is a great way to put an old computer that is lying around into use and save some money. The model or brand of the computer doesn’t matter.

However, there are a couple of other things you will need when you want to set up your first server at home. We have listed them below. If you plan to buy them, they will only set you back by a couple of hundred dollars. These items include:

  • A computer
  • DSL cable
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Storage (Hard Drive)
  • Cooling system
  • Ethernet card (NIC)
  • Server
  • A monitor and keyboard
  • Operating system
  • A DVD burner (If you want to store media)

The Best Home Server Software

After setting up your first server, it is very important that you choose the right operating system. Below, we have made a list of top best home server operating systems you can choose from.

1. Ubuntu Home Server Software

Ubuntu Server Edition is one of the most widely used home server software. It is very popular among those that want to stream media. It is also very useful for remote backup and file serving. Perhaps, the greatest advantage of this server software is its ease of installation and use. Ubuntu also provides great support if you run into problems.

Color photo of Ubuntu computer screen; used to illustrate the appearance of Ubuntu home server.
Ubuntu Server Edition is one of the most widely used server software. | Photo credit: Pixabay


  • Ease of use
  • Blazing fast
  • Very secure
  • Excellent support


  • Requires manual setup

2. Amahi Home Server

This home server has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Users love it because of its compact size. It is designed to help you save space at home. Amahi also has the largest app stores among all the server software options available. You can easily extend the functionality of your server from their app store.


  • Large app store
  • Space saver
  • Comes with a pre-built operating system


  • It can be expensive depending on your needs

3. Windows Home Server

If you would prefer to go with a popular brand, then this server software made by Microsoft would be an ideal choice. This server is very common among newbies. You can easily operate it if you are already familiar with the Windows environment. It comes with 32-bit functionality but you can easily increase it to 64-bit functionality.


  • Easy to use
  • Provides robust media stream capability
  • Provides full remote support right on your desktop


  • Very heavy

4. FreeNAS Home Server Software

FreeNAS makes access to your files very easy. It does this by creating a centralized portal. It is a very flexible operating system. FreeNAS has two great advantages. The first is that it can be installed on any hardware platform. Secondly, the design and functionality ensure it eliminates most of the shortfalls of legacy file systems.


  • FreeNAS is free
  • Comes with user-friendly web interface
  • Very flexible
  • No storage limit


  • Security needs improvement

Final Words

Have you decided on which server software you want? It can be a tough decision. Most people start with free or less costly options. However, the need for everyone is different. Ensure you consider things such as convenience, cybersecurity, and cost when making your choice. If you enjoyed reading our article about home servers, please comment and share it around. Thanks! 🙂

The Best Home Server and Software Options

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