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What to look for in a security solution for your smart phone?
Everyone is happy to carry the phones with us, in fact, we are already inseparable from them. But do you also think of their protection when using your phones everyday? Good news: there are already a lot of paid and also free applications on the app market to protect our phones. But which one to choose?
Level of protection

Some security solutions for mobile devices are better than others. Some programs work better than others and are easier to use. When deciding which security program is suitable for you and your phone, keep in mind the level of protection you need and whether it supports the operating system on your mobile device. When evaluating programs, the following criteria were used for grading:

  • Efficiency
  • Properties
  • Ease of use
  • Technical assistance and support

Let’s look more closely at the criteria above…


The mobile security program is as good as it has a good level of protection. Regardless of how the program looks, or what additional tasks and functions it has, it must successfully and effectively protect the phone. An excellent program must include antivirus and anti-spyware, anti-spam program, antiphishing bulkheads, firewall and real-time protection by checking all applications that you download. It is good if it also includes different protection and options in case of theft or loss.


A program that provides a good security solution has additional features and features that you may not care about. However, some are really useful, such as scanning your device by schedule or on demand, remotely backuping, parental controls, approved and blocked phone numbers, etc.

Ease of use

Good software should also be easy to use, regardless of whether it is installed on a computer or mobile device. In protecting mobile phones, due to their size and limited resources, it is especially important that security equipment is simple and easy to use. The interface and navigation must be designed to make it easier for the user to use a smartphone and not generate a high energy load. Installing the software on your mobile device must be quick and easy. Software updates should be quick and efficient.

Technical assistance and support

Help and support for technical or other issues should be available in various forms (telephone, electronic, consultation with consultants). The online support should have instructions for use as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

There you have it! Think about this: antivirus protection and firewall have become a constant in protecting home computers. Why should you leave your mobile device (often containing personal information and business secrets) unsecured?

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Choosing a security solution for mobile devices

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