A black and blue photo of a man holding a lock that protect nodes– used to illustrate a point about importance of data protection
Do you know how to protect yourself and your computer?
How to stay safe online?

May it be for searching information, or for shopping or to perform any professional task, online activities have become an indispensable component of daily life. The challenge is, as people are adopting online activities to a higher extent, several threats and risks are evolving about online safety. Here are a few tricks and tips to stay safe online.

Emphasize on using complex and intricate passwords

The first and foremost task to accomplish is that you should secure your passwords by making it complex and intricate. Use long passwords that should be alphanumeric in its character. Refrain from using your date of birth, nick name, and other common details of yourself as the password. Such passwords take even lesser than a second to get hacked.

You need to secure your network

Especially if you are a corporate user, think of securing the network to escape the awkward instances and stay safe online. In this regard, you can even think of developing a Virtual Private Network that is more secure and safer. As an individual user, try to make the minimum use of the Public Wi-Fi System. Such services enhance  the extent and types of online risks.

It will be wise to adopt Firewall Protection

No matter what secure and robust network you’ve got, you can certainly think of using the Firewall protection that will check the unsolicited access to your devices and computers. These mechanisms, in the majority of the instances, come with a comprehensive security application that keeps the network and the computer, safe from the online safety threats. Remember, the majority of the IoT devices are not equipped with safety mechanisms and hence, if you have such framework, using firewall turns all most inevitable.

Don’t just share anything that comes on your way

Are you aware of the fact that the posts and videos you share on the social media websites, carry deadly online risk for you? Hence, you should be selective in sharing stuffs that comes on your way. Likewise, be selective in sharing your personal and banking information online and do it only if it is really a necessity.

While shopping online, shop at those sites that offers a safe and secure platform and payment gateway. Most importantly, ensure that the antivirus and the other applications are kept updated. Adhering to these simple tricks and tips, you will be able nullify the online risks and threats significantly, and thus secure your online safety.

Stay safe online every time by following these tips!

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