If you are a home-based business or a large size family with the majority of the members using their PC or Laptop, you will be having a comprehensive home network.  As a user, you have got the responsibility to secure such a framework as the online threats and risks are rising rapidly these days. Fortunately, there is some easily available software that will enable you to accomplish this task, without putting excessive efforts.

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Antivirus Software

While discussing the software needed to secure your home network, antivirus applications should get a special mention. A robust antivirus will keep the network and the attached devices safe from the most stubborn computer virus, malware, and similar other applications that can be detrimental for the safety of the device, data, and network. Just as it is important to install a solid antivirus, you should ensure that you are keeping it updated at a regular interval. These simple acts will largely secure the network.

Firewall applications

Explained in simple terms, these applications act like filters to keep the threats and risks at the bay. You can opt for the hardware or software versions that will check the unsolicited access to your network, devices, and the data pool. Most importantly, these applications will enable you to monitor and censor the traffic within the network and prevent the chances of unsolicited access.

The best grade firewall protection comes with a multi-level security cover that consolidates the safety and security mechanism, eliminating the probable risks and threats. This mechanism will enable you to detect the unusual load of traffic on the network that can be an indication of the unsolicited parties, compromising on your network. The applications from the top providers will enable the users to develop a list of web addresses to restrict. Hence, installation of such applications, turn absolutely necessary, if you have to keep the home network safe and secure.


Another key component will be the router. If you are opting for the wireless models, you should enable the encryption. Picking a robust router and enabling strong encryption is the basic requirement for securing the network. It will be wise to opt for those routers that come with inbuilt firewall protection.

Most importantly, configure such passwords for accessing the network that will be hard to assume. Refrain from using your nickname, family name, date of birth, and date of the anniversary as the password and never ever use the same password for all the devices within the network.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A good VPN is essential for your online safety, especially if you want more internet freedom, without unnecessary blocking, surveillance, and censorship. A VPN is basically an encrypted tunnel between your device and the internet. Not even your internet service provider can see what you are doing online. Be careful when deciding for a free or paid version – think about how a free VPN provider gets money to support its service. Paid  VPN versions usually offer more services, support, compatibility, and speed for the fee they charge.

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