You probably have little idea about internet security and cyber-crime that may be dangerous for your computer. Nowadays, most of the kids are using computers to access the internet but they don’t know if there are some hackers who may put some viruses in their computers. Fortunately, there are some online games that can increase your internet and computer security knowledge so you will understand more about the internet security.

Some Nice Online Games and Quizzes about Computer Security

If you are not familiar with internet security, computer viruses, hackers, and cyber-crime, then you probably can try to play these following online games and quizzes. What are those games and quizzes? We collected some of them for you to try it:

  • How Cybersmart Are You

This is the first game or quiz that can help you improve your skill about computer security provided by Australian Government. Players will meet Sam. She is a virtual girl that will talk to players in the game. You will read texts and hear some voices. Then, you only need to find some answers for the quizzes as many as 11 questions. Most of the questions are about unsettling videos, dangerous online ads, password, emails, and etc. In addition, this quiz is really fun and has a good appearance with its cool cartoon interface. You can also get an immediate feedback when you answer the question whether your answer is correct or not.

  • Digizen

This simple online game is authorized by Childnet that helps children understand about computer security by playing the game. Perhaps, you have no idea about internet security, computer viruses, and other dangerous malware. Then, you can learn from this game. In this game, players must select a character that is also customizable. After that, players will follow the story that is told by the narrator. Overall, if you want to know more about this gameplay, you can try to join it. You will get scores after finishing the game. Whether you are an adult or a kid, you may try this game to improve your skills about computer security.

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  • Webonauts

Webonauts is a cool game that will bring you to a fictional internet academy. In this academy, you’re about to learn about the internet. You can take one character along with its cool costume while wearing a helmet. Then, you will go between worlds and decide if you want to make a decision about bullying, media sharing, password security, and others. One good thing from this quiz is that you will play naturally with a realistic plot. So far, this game is really fun and exciting because it has a good and colorful appearance with fun character interaction. One last thing that the message conveyed is also clear so kids will always remember it.

  • Internet Safety Hangman

Most of the people may know this cool online game. It belongs to a classic game but it is really fun to play where you can learn about talking to other people online. In addition, you can also get some information that you may share with other people. There will be about ten questions that you need to answer and it is also very easy. Finally, the players will see their scores at the end of the quiz and count their correct and wrong answers. So, you may try this simple game if you want to improve your computer security knowledge.

  • Cyber Security Crossword

If you want to know more about Trojan horse or adware that can be very dangerous for your computer, then you may try this Cyber Security Crossword game. This game is not only good for children, but it is also suitable for adults who want to learn more about computer security with fun. It is just like common crossword game, but the topic is about internet security and computer security. Moreover, it is also easier than the conventional crossword quiz because you can get the whole answers while you only need to solve the clues. You only need to click the clues and then you can directly click the word. Once your answer is right, the word will show up in the green box. Overall, this online quiz is quite fun and you can improve your knowledge about computer security with fun.

  • The Case of the Cyber Criminal

Cyber crime is one thing that you must avoid because it may be dangerous for your computer. A hacker may insert a virus into your computer and steal your data. Well, you can learn about handling cyber crime by playing the Case of the Cyber Criminal game online. This game has a purpose to take down a cyber-criminal by answering some quizzes. Once your answer is right, you have a chance to get rid of dangerous devices from the criminal’s suitcase. Shortly, the purpose of this game is to protect your computer from hackers. So, you also need to try to use strong password combinations, installing antivirus on your computer, and understand who you are chatting to.

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Play games and learn about Cyber Security

Here you have it, those are several online games and quizzes that can improve your skill or knowledge about computer security and internet so you will be more aware of cyber-crime that may be dangerous for your computer. Perhaps, there are so many other online games that you may try if you want to know more about internet security and learn about a computer with fun. In this case, those games explained above are not only for adults, but they are also good for kids who basically don’t know about computer security, malware, hackers, and cyber-crime. Moreover, those games are just simple games that you can play them easily with beautiful appearance. Most of the games are just to answer some questions related to internet and computer security that you may not before. It is not a big deal if only you give the wrong answer because you will be told the correct answers that you will remember just in case you browse the internet and you must be careful with cyber-crime.

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Online games to improve your computer security knowledge

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