Did you know that you can wirelessly connect your router to the modem? It is possible and we will show you how to connect router to modem without cable. This is often the case when you need multiple routers to cover a large space. Of course, you can always get an Ethernet cable, but what if you can’t find a cable long enough to connect them?

Setting up a new router wirelessly is far more efficient to do. As you don’t have to worry about pulling massive cables. But if you find a better performance, then you should think about the wired option. However, if you want to connect a modem to your new router wirelessly, you should follow these steps below.

1. Separate LAN and WAN

Start by connecting your modem to the first router using the coaxial cable. Then plug an Ethernet cable into the router’s WAN port. If you’re unsure which port is, go take a look at the back of your router. You can find several ports there, these are the Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) ports. 

Both LAN and WAN ports are alike at a glance. But you can tell it is the WAN port from the color and location, as it is in a unique color and placed away from the others. You need the WAN port to connect to the internet, as your modem will only recognize that port. As for other devices in the office room, you can use the LAN ports to manage them. After you connect the cable, plug both the modem and router power cord into the wall and get ready for the next steps. 

2. Find Router’s Network Key

You can find your router’s default Wi-Fi network key and network name on the device. Most manufacturers print this information at the bottom of the router or inside the manual. However, some manufacturers may put the code on a separate card or in the package. Note down the network name/SSID and the default key as you will need it later.

3. Plug-in The Router

Turn the router on and wait until it’s ready. Some modem manufacturers also have a companion app ready. Feel free to download the app to configure your modem. This is especially helpful when you have another network option. 

4. Enter The Password

Depending on whether your router has a separate app you can do the setup from your mobile devices. But you also can go on your computer, go to the Wi-Fi settings and find the Wi-Fi name on the network list on your device, then enter the password you have noted down to connect.

5. Search your IP

After you connect to the network, load the management app and router setup to start setting it up. Most manufacturers will put the complete address on their official website. But you also can type on your browser. However, different types of routers may give you a different addresses. If this one doesn’t work for you, there is a list of different IP addresses and router password. Now you can set up your Wi-Fi connection.

6. WPA Encryption

Now you need to create a name for your Wi-Fi Network, also called the SSD and the Wi-Fi password. To ensure security, make your password long enough to remember and completely different from the administrator password. Ideally, you don’t use any easy combination like anniversary or birthday in the password mix. Write the password down to save it in case you may forget it.

WPA encryption is the current standard for network security, and you can use it allowed to choose a security protocol. If you buy used routers, it’s very likely the previous owners set the password. If that’s the case, resetting the router to the factory setting is the only way to go. You can find the reset button on the router. Hold the button to reset the router to the factory setting.

7. Connect Router To a Modem Without Cable

Set up the second router in client mode to configure the device for repeater or bridge mode which is linked to the first router. You can always check the manual for specific steps on turning on the client mode. At any rate, you need to update the IP configuration for both wireless and wired routers.

  1. You need to check the second router’s local IP address first before doing anything else. After that you need to change it. You need to ensure that it won’t clash with other devices. One local IP address is for one device only. 
  2. You can disable DHCP and then set the IP address manually for each device that connects to the second router. But if you want to save time, you can set the DHCP address range directly in the second router. 

And that’s it, now you can wirelessly connect to your router. You don’t have to worry about a broken connection ever again.


Can I connect my router to a modem router?

You also can buy a modem router hybrid to save time. If you use a hybrid model to manage your network and access the internet, you may need to get upgrade your router. Start with connecting the new router to your modem router with an Ethernet cable to the new Wi-Fi network. If you want your connection to have advanced security features, feel free to add an external router to the mix.

Can I use a router without a modem?

Yes, you can use your router instead of a modem. When you connect to the router’s wireless network, you can send data to printers and other devices. When you have a modem and an Internet subscription, you can connect to the internet.

If you set up the internet for the first time, you will need some basic modem/router configuration to start. Several ISPs have self-installation guides, while others still send around technicians to set it up for you.

How to connect a printer to a Wi-Fi router?

Make sure that your router works just fine and connects to the network. Turn on the printer and go to the maintenance or network setting. Choose the WiFi setting then select the correct SSID and enter the correct password. Then the printer will connect and you can use it to print as long as you’re on the same network.

Now you understand how to connect router to modem without cable. This solution works great when you are setting up a new router for your home network. You also can use this method when you’re working on multiple routers in a short time. Useful info? Great to hear that! Now it’s your turn to like it and share it around to spread the knowledge! 🙂

How To Connect Router To Modem Without Cable In 7 Easy Steps

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