Every time we publish information online, we reveal some private details about ourselves. Think carefully whether you really want to share something in a public space like the Internet. Let’s be aware that because of our posts, we may have problems in the future, that our data is marketed by large companies and, after all, that not all users have good intentions.
Color photo of several human faces on screens - used to illustrate the meaning of companies and how they collect data.

Where is Customer Data Being Used and Stored?

Customer Data is now the main priority for all types and sizes of businesses. With the proliferation of technologies capturing ...
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Color photo of an inscription Machine Learning on grey and white background.

Machine Learning and Cyber Security

Today’s businesses gather large amounts of data. Data serve as the heart of business-critical systems you can ever think of ...
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Color photo of a laptop with several financial data on screen, with the word FINTECH written beside.

Fintech Essential Guide for Beginners

We have crafted a detailed guide about Fintech for the beginners. This guide covers the basic things that every beginner ...
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Color photo of various words in white color, with the word Big Data in front and in center.

Big Data Guide and Free Tools for Analytics

Do you still think that million dollars firms arrange and manage their data in hard files or some typical management ...
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Color photo of background icons with white arrow in front pointing right with inscription ''Cyber Security Predictions for 2019''

Top 10 Cyber Security Predictions for 2019 and beyond

The intensity and frequency of data breaches and cyber attacks are growing in such an alarming rate, and organizations and ...
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Color photo of mobile app icons, connected with stripes; with a confused woman in the background. Used to illustrate the meaning of Mobile App Security.

Mobile App Security Threats & How to Prevent Them

Security threats in mobile devices are continuously on the rise. In fact, millions of malware pieces have infected millions of ...
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Color photo of a mans' hand holding a drone in the air, used to illustrate the meaning of drones and privacy concerns.

Drones – Their Usage and Privacy Concerns

The drone industry has grown to become lucrative these days, and it is expected that it will continue to be ...
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Color photo of at (@) symbol in the circle, used to illustrate the meaning of email on the world.

Top 10 Email Security Tips for users

Email security basically involves using various tactics and tools to help filter out and determine potential attacks and harms. Without ...
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Color photo of two laptops, with onscreen hand exchanging a paper bag and 100 dollar bill - used to illustrate the importance of safe online shopping and banking.

How To Do Safe Online Shopping And Banking

Are you aware that online fraud is rising in the UK, the United States, and in most developed countries? In ...
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Color photo of a lock in the circle - used to illustrate the meaning of importance of Data protection.

Data Protection Techniques & Strategies

Dаtа рrоtесtіоn іѕ an emerging set of strategies and techniques, which help you protect important dаtа frоm dаmаgе, modifications or ...
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