Every time we publish information online, we reveal some private details about ourselves. Think carefully whether you really want to share something in a public space like the Internet. Let’s be aware that because of our posts, we may have problems in the future, that our data is marketed by large companies and, after all, that not all users have good intentions.
Color photo of several crypto coins; used to illustrate the popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: Investment For The Future

The correlation between blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is that the blockchain can be used in areas other than the decentralized ...
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Color photo of a laptop with the inscription "Dark Web".

The Ultimate Guide on How to Stay Safe on the Dark Web

The internet, one of the greatest inventions of our generation. We depend upon it for a wide range of daily ...
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Color photo of a world map, connected by a VPN shield. Used to present the usage of a VPN for privacy protection.

VPN Quick Guide for Privacy Protection

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. It can be defined as the method generally used to improve privacy and ...
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Color photo of a smartphone with a security apps on screen.

Top Security Apps to Protect Your Android

Security has been a hot topic lately when discussing the applications available on the Android platform. As the Android Market ...
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Color photo of secure web browsers.

Top Web Browsers for Privacy and Security

This new and updated secure browser guide takes a sneak preview into the topics of browser security and privacy. (Updated ...
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Color photo of fintech laptop with visual data on a screen.

How Fintech Is Creating Disruptions in Banking and Finance

Virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. All of these are buzzwords rocking various industries to the core, ...
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Color photo of 3 monitors and the inscription Security above them - used to illustrate the importance of security breach.

Security Breach – Definition and Prevention

A security breach is known as an unauthorized access to data, applications, services, networks, and devices, bypassing the underlying security ...
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Color photo of a Back to School Cyber Security Tips inscription.

Back to School Cybersecurity Tips for Kids and Parents

Summer vacation is over and your kids are already started with the new school year. Here is the thing: apart ...
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Color photo of an anonymous hacker, used to illustrate the meaning of hacktivism.

Hacktivism and Cyber Warfare – what are the differences?

As a term, hacktivism has become prevalent recently and describes individuals or groups who plan to affect political change as ...
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Color photo of inscription Big Data & IoT Privacy with keyboard and mouse below; used to illustrate the importance of both terms together.

IoT Privacy Challenges and Big Data Business Concerns

Saying that the Internet of Things or IoT is exploding is an understatement. Analysts expect that by year 2020, there ...
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