Use of Internet, computers and smart phones is a major part of one’s daily routine. Every work and personal data is mostly stored in your computer. Your digital identity is globally visible and exposed to everyone. However, how to safeguard your computer and data is a huge challenge indeed, because you will never want your information to fall into wrong hands.

Color photo of a road sign with inscription: www and below Safety first - used to illustrate that people should think how to safely use the Internet
Safety first: Do you act responsibly online? | Image credit: Pixabay

You store so many data in terms of documents, files, photos and the list goes on but when it comes to protecting your digital assets, then many of you fails to do that wisely. Hence, it’s very important to install certain software and hardware which will enhance the security level of your computer and smart phone, however, the most important thought is to consider how and where will you share your personal information online.

There can be so many means through which you may face problems in using your own home computer. Where viruses were the commonly faced problems, now hacking the details has also become a new severe problem for the people who store all the confidential information in their system. Security hazards are always there when your computer lacks appropriate software and hardware for the protection.

Here, you will get to know about how protect your computer and yourself from hackers and viruses. There are many ways through which you can do that. And we can show you how – you can start with our featured content about computer protection, network & mobile safety and privacy protection. Our website will keep you up to date with news, tips and guidelines from around the globe, to make you stay safe with everything you do online. Enjoy reading and learning!