If you think that only a building that needs security system or an important person that needs security guard, think twice. In this era where everything is online, you and your computer also need to be secured.

Definition of Cyber Security

Computer security, which is also known wider as cyber security is a serious and getting more serious issue. It is meant to protect and secure your computer system from any theft or damage to your hardware, software, and all the information, including the misdirection or disruption of services in computer.

Besides controlling the physical access, cyber security also protects you from any harm that might come to your computer through the network access or code injection.

Nowadays cyber security is not only about computer but already expands into other devices such as smartphones, televisions, tablets, and other internet of things.

The field of cyber security includes information security, operational security, application security, network security, disaster recovery, and end-user education.

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Know the basics of Cyber Security
Why Cyber Security is Now Getting More and More Attention

Now you might wonder what’s so important about it. As you know when you register into email or social media account, you provide our information when we use devices and access the internet. Your name, your date and place of birth, your address, work, pictures/videos, location, things you like or dislike, payment information, and others. Those all will be available to public unless you set to not reveal them.

But unfortunately, it’s not that simple with other internet things. When you access something on the internet, if you do not set any security system, you also open your device to internet to be accessed by certain parties. Your network could be cut, your account could be hacked, your device could be infected by virus, your information could be used to undesirable or inappropriate actions.

For enterprise and government, without proper cyber security system, political, military, business, or infrastructural secret or assets could be stolen or disruptively used by irresponsible people. That’s why although it’s challenging and seem complicated, dealing with cyber security must be done.

Threats from Unsecured Cyber Access

There are tons of cyber crime has done in the world that you might drop your jaw after knowing. Malware, ransomware, spyware, viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, bootkits, payloads, logic bombs, keyloggers, exploits, backdoor, denial of service attack, direct-access attacks, spoofing, eavesdropping, tampering, phishing, clickjacking, privilege escalation. The list will continue non-stop as the internet developing, then so is the cyber crime.

As response to this serious problem, government has been setting the law since long ago. And to protect such happenings, most institutions, enterprises, and governments have implemented complicated and sophisticated cyber security system. This system spends high-cost and need to be maintained by an expert.

How Can You Set Your Cyber Security?

However, for you who are individual person, you still can set your very own security system. It is affordable and even there are some which are free for trial. Most devices are now also already installed with the security system.

You can try to install the simplest form of cyber security which is antivirus software. But as its name it only works perfectly for viruses. You can try also more complicated cyber security system by coding or by design if necessary.

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What is Cyber Security and why it is important

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