The newest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi is in full swing in movie theaters throughout the world! Don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet, we won’t give away any spoilers!

Star Wars became a favorite movie franchise for those who love the adventures in the galaxy far, far away. With so many extensive media, including books, television series, computer and video games, theme park attractions and lands, this beloved franchise attracts new fans daily. So, can the Star world be real in some respects?

Photo of BB8 and R2D2 droids in space

In the movies of Star Wars, all things are related to technology, including in terms of Cyber Security. As we know Cyber Security is not just a problem we can find in Star Wars movies, but Cyber Security issue is also a big problem in the real world today. As a computer user, we have to be aware of this condition because we have no idea who may access our computer and steal our data. Many hackers attack government-owned computers and steal important data. It could also happen when we are in the world of Star Wars, re-watching our favorite episodes. So, what lessons can we take from the Star Wars movies? Actually, a lot. Let’s talk about what Star Wars can teach us about Cyber Security so we will understand it better.

Never Take a Junk Floating in Space

The Death Star is a world that is fulfilled with technological terror where there are so many floating unused ships that you can steal. But, these ships actually belong to an empire. When you pick up this Millennium Falcon and you bring it on board, then the Falcon will be scanned whether the Falcon is granted to board. It is just similar to when you are picking up a USB drive that you find outside or when you open a spam email or clicking unknown URL. Maybe, the ship was just abandoned on purpose by the empire because they want to fish their enemies. When you pick up the Falcon, then you will be locked and then you will be taken to the empire for interrogation. So, when you see a USB in a parking lot, you should not take it because it may be a trap. If you take the USB and then connect it to your computer, then the virus embedded in the USB drive will enter your computer and then destroy your computer.

Your Outfit May Be Deceiving

In the movie of Star Wars, we can see that Han and Luke are running around the enemy’s ship while they are not recognized as the enemy as they are wearing stormtroopers costume while taking a prisoner. In this case, since they are dressed as the stormtroopers, they know that nobody will ask them and even the scanning system of the ship also can’t recognize them as an enemy until they can reach the secure area which is called as Detention Block AA23.  Unfortunately, the empire ship has advanced security control that finally can recognize them as unauthorized passengers. They are busted when they are about to access Detention Block while they have no proper credentials.

This condition is similar to when we access a website while we do not have granted password to enter the portal. Usually, this is called an anonymous activity to cover their appearance while accessing a certain website for the bad purpose. A hacker may do the same way to enter someone’s website as if he is part of the website. Unfortunately, he is not granted when he wants to edit the website content because of the strong security.

Photo of a stormtrooper on a space ship

Segment Your Network

After they almost get caught by stormtroopers when they want to access Detention Block, they finally enter a trash compactor and then the compactor begins to shut down. Fortunately, Luke still has a chance to reach R2-D2 and access it to stop the compactor. He can also open the compactor door in order to get out. He can access R2 because of Hangar Bay that connects the empire computer. Next, he just takes his action to steal the empire data because he finally can be connected to the Death Star network. If we relate it to the actual case, then it is almost similar to when we want to steal someone’s data from a server through our rival’s computer. Since you are smart enough, you can hack the rival’s computer that is basically connected to the server. Once your access is granted, you can steal the database easily. Somehow, this is a bad thing to do because stealing someone’s data is not right and you must never do it.

Get Multiple Backup

As you watch Star Wars “The Force Awakens”, Kylo Ren wants to find a map that is missing and it must belong to BB-8.  Finally, he gets Rey who has known the map before and Kylo wishes that Rey can remember everything on the map. Unfortunately, when Kylo gets Rey, he cannot find the map from her memory. In this case, the memory may already be erased because Rey is the only person who has it. So, we take a lesson from this situation where we actually need to make multiple back-ups so we may have some options to access our data. If we cannot find it in one memory, then we can try to access it from other memories. Not only that, we must also make sure that the data stored is also compatible with our system because it may not be readable if the data format is too old or no longer supported.

Finally, those are several things that we can learn from the Star Wars movie about Cyber Security. Though Star Was world is so sophisticated, it is still possible that cyber-crime occurs. We can also see this condition today where there are so many hackers who want to steal data for their personal benefits. Of course, this is not a good deed and it can be categorized as a criminal. Therefore, it is important for us to understand more about Cyber Security and how to protect our devices and data. Otherwise, someone can destroy our computer and then steal our important data on our hard drive while we do not have the copies anymore.

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Cyber Security lessons from Star Wars

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