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Everybody was really excited to join Consumer Electronic Show 2018 because there were so many new sophisticated products displayed. CES 2018 was held in Las Vegas and invites a lot of technology brands that show off their new products. Though the event was over, the show still leaves a deep impression for the visitors. What were the highlights of CES and the best new products showed? Let’s take a look…

The CES 2018 Overview

CES highlights were divided into four from day 1 to day 4. It started from the day 1 highlight with some new products:

CES 2018 Day 1 Highlights

–    2018 Samsung TVs feature 8K QLED, Micro LED, Bixby voice control, HDR10+

–    The Aurasens smart chair promises to upgrade your AV experience

–    New Debussy headphones boast OLED touchscreens and AI smarts

–    Mars wireless earbuds can translate conversations in real-time


CES 2018 Day 2 Highlights

–    Sennheiser unveils Ambeo ‘3D’ soundbar, plus new headphones

–    Etymotic launches two new ER3 headphones

–    JBL launches Google Assistant headphones and new wireless speakers

–    AKG announces N5005 in-ear headphones, yours for £1000

–    Bragi is working on tailor-made listening experiences

–    Monster launches AirLinks true wireless earbuds with voice control

–    LG unveils 2018 4K OLED and LCD TV ranges

–    Technics introduces SP-10R and SL-1000R turntables

–    LG at CES 2018: 5 key highlights, from OLED TV to CLOi the AI robot


CES 2018 Day 3 Highlights

–    Sony WF-SP700N earbuds are the first noise-canceling and splash-proof wireless in-ears

–    Sony launches UBP-X700 4K Blu-ray player and STR-DH790 AV receiver

–    Libratone announces TRACK+ wireless, noise-cancelling in-ears

–    Audio-Technica unveils new range of headphones at CES 2018

–    Sony announces new compact soundbar: HT-SF200

–    Sony takes the covers off yet more headphones at CES 2018

–    Chord launches Qutest, a DAC in the Hugo 2 mould

–    B&O Play announces flagship wireless headphones

–    Sony unveils ‘world’s first’ 3.1ch Dolby Atmos soundbar with virtual surround sound

–    Audeze iSine LX is the company’s most affordable in-ear headphones

–    NAD unveils new amps and headphones at CES 2018

–    Sony unveils AF8 Series of 4K HDR OLED TVs


CES 2018 Day 4 Highlights

–    Arcam’s new HDA range comprises an SACD/CD player and two integrated amps

–    THX and i-BLADES unite for sound-improving phone cases

–    New Soul Electronics headphones track how you’re moving

–    Build your own speaker stack with Soundots modular speakers

–    Denon launches X8500H 13.2-channel flagship AV amplifier

–    Sony KD-65AF8 hands-on

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Best New Products on CES 2018

Certainly, there were some awesome new products exhibited in the event. Most of the products showed were actually new and they adopted new technology with different features. We have selected the best products on CES 2018 (the general opinion of exhibitors and visitors):

  1. Misfit Path

A smartwatch may not be an option for most people, but Misfit Path attracts attention because of its small rope and looks very beautiful for a smartwatch. If you like analog watches, then you will easily fall in love with this product because it was designed that way. When you wear it on your hand, Misfit Phase helps you track how much and how far you go, how much time you spent when sleeping, as well as other features such as receiving text or calls. You will also receive notifications directly from the smartphone connected to the clock. For the waterproof device maniac, Misfit Path also has the features. When officially available for sale later in the spring, the watch will be priced at $150.

  1. The Samsung Wall

You may think that the innovation competition in the field of television is over. Formerly, people found it impossible when there were vendors who wanted to produce an LCD screen with more than 85-inches large. Obviously, it might be difficult and expensive. However, at CES 2018, Samsung surprised many people with 140-inch screens that did not use OLED or LED technology. The Wall was the given name. In the effort to obtain the big numbers, Samsung uses MicroLED. It means that millions of small light diodes are aligned inside a special array (LED array). LED arrays are used by commercial ads and usually have a giant pixel count that will be easily visible to the human eye, unless you are away from the screen. However, since it is intended for home use, The Wall promises the best experience to watch television, rather than on a digital billboard.


  1. Razer Mamba Hyper Flux

This name refers to an upscale gaming mouse manufactured by Razer. In the sales package, users will get a mouse pad named Firefly, which will charge the mouse battery through a magnetic field. This kind of technology allows users to remove the battery from the mouse, and make it so much lighter. This mouse has nine programming buttons, chroma lighting, and mechanical switches. The price is expensive, about $249. But, it seems that the people who like the luxury of gaming devices, will not mind the price at that point.

  1. Digital Storm Spark

A Desktop PC device for gaming like Digital Storm Spark is designed for people who want to save more space in their rooms. The height is only 12-inch, while the width is only 4-inch. Since it is too slim, so you would not suspect that Intel Core i7-8700K and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 are used in this device. The device is available for sale starting at $1,299. From the outside, it looks impressive, with aluminum body, and lighting case that makes it look sexier. If you want to consider a premium laptop replacement, then the Digital Storm Spark will be your very sensible choice.


Well, those were some highlights on CES 2018 and some best new products showed which will be available for sale. Now we just have to wait for the product launches in a few months to go. If you ask us, all of those products are worth buying (if you need them, of course), because they use smart new technology and new improved features.

Now it’s your turn! Comment and share with us your opinion, which was your favorite product or technology of CES 2018?



CES 2018 Overview (highlights & best new products)

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