News Wrap – Malware Trends and Facts in 2019

Color photo of world map covered with data used to illustrate the meaning of malware spreading around the world.

Every single week, there are new security and malware threats that pop up. This year 2019 is not an exception and here are some of the biggest malware stories that users have to deal with. 1. IoT Attacks Reached 32.7

IoT Security at Home and in Smart Cities

Color photo of a smartphone and tablets with a city in background; used to illustrate the meaning of smart cities.

It doesn’t take much to understand and realize how appealing the connection of IoT and smart cities can be. As the field of IoT continues to innovate and expand by the day, the potential efficiencies and benefits gained are also

IoT Security – How to Protect IoT Systems and Devices

Color photo of a man clicking on a tablet, with symbols for IoT Security in front; used to illustrate the meaning of Security for IoT.

IoT or Internet of Things provides a lot of exciting benefits to every consumer, with the potential of changing how people interact with modern technology in many ways. The Internet of Things, in the near future, will probably combine the

Mobile App Security Threats & How to Prevent Them

Color photo of mobile app icons, connected with stripes; with a confused woman in the background. Used to illustrate the meaning of Mobile App Security.

Security threats in mobile devices are continuously on the rise. In fact, millions of malware pieces have infected millions of user devices through the years. Hundreds of thousands of malware programs are detected every day, most of which target mobile

Drones – Their Usage and Privacy Concerns

Color photo of a mans' hand holding a drone in the air, used to illustrate the meaning of drones and privacy concerns.

The drone industry has grown to become lucrative these days, and it is expected that it will continue to be on its way to becoming a profitable market. Every day, you can read articles discussing future projections, with investors pouring

Top 10 Email Security Tips for users

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Email security basically involves using various tactics and tools to help filter out and determine potential attacks and harms. Without protection, your emails are free and open for hackers and some malicious users to poke around and snoop in. While

IoT and Renewable Energy: Connections for the Future

Color photo of a green city with the symbol of tree in front - used to illustrate the meaning of renewable energy and IoT.

The industry of renewable energy in the world is seeing a rapid pace of progress. For the past few years, there have been several remarkable developments that were seen in the sector of international renewable energy. Innovations in the sectors

DDoS attacks and how to prevent them

Color photo of a laptop screen with inscription in browser: The page cannot be displayed.

If you own a website or an app, you should be worried about DDoS attack, unless, of course, you have taken action to prevent them. In the past year, DDoS has overwhelmed some of the biggest websites such as Netflix,

Learn about Cyber Security – With Apps on Your Smart Phone

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How safe are you online? There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds, affecting one in three Americans each year. Every day, somebody somewhere is trying to obtain your information or hack into one of your many accounts online. The

Router safety tips and how to secure home Wi-Fi network

Color photo of router, laptop, tablet and smart phone in circle, used to illustrate Wlan connections between devices.

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