Do you still think that million dollars firms arrange and manage their data in hard files or some typical management tools? Even the latest management tools are not able to control such massive data flow of multinational firms.

Big data is comparatively a new term in the technology and business world but it has become the focus of every firm and brand for the last few years. Big Data generates the well-managed and optimized information at the highest rate than ever.

What is Big Data?

Big Data deals with the expansion and management of structured and non-structured data that is collected from various sources like online devices and platforms. As it deals with a large value of diverse, complex and varying data, that’s why it is known as Big Data in the computer world.

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The data obtained from internet-connected devices is generated in the form of complex and larger sets and it is impossible for any traditional tool to deal with this kind of data. The analytics and results obtained from the processed data can be used to implement their strategies in a more accurate and better way. Analytics and stats are the backbones of any business in the competitive market. If you want to beat any competitor then try to find their weak and strong points.

There are several tools for Big Data analytics and we are going to make sure that you have everything covered about Big Data and free tools for analytics.

What Big Data can do?

If you are not sure that why you need to use Big Data for your business then here are some amazing things that Big Data can do:

1. Predict User’s Behavior

After studying the customers’ selections and choices through collected data with Big Data analytics tools, you can decide that which product is going viral? It can help you to determine the focus of your targeted marketing so you can bring the better conversion for the business.

2. Conduct Analysis

If you are not sure about the launch of any new product then let’s conduct a predictive phase for the upcoming product. Big Data analytics tools can help you to go through this phase successfully.

3. Better and Effective Strategies

If a plan does not work for your business and the stats show the negative results, you can improve the strategies and the Big Data analytics can also help you to beat the strategies of the competitors.

The above-mentioned points can help the businesses to come up with the creative ways to increase the productivity and efficiency of the business.

Major Cyber Security Issues with Big Data

The use of Big Data is growing at higher rates and therefore the security of Big Data has become the major concern these days. Big Data has solved many issues regarding the Cyber Security and still, there are many things that are at risk in Big Data.

Opportunities for Big Data in Cyber Security

These days, most of the major security measures are powered by the potential of Big Data. Most of the big and small businesses are using these security measures to protect their information against security breaches. Top anti-virus companies are using the data collected from Big Data to increase the effectiveness of their products. It can help the company to expand the test phase.

Threats for Big Data

No doubt that Big Data is one of the most secure and protected ways to process the information but still there are some weak points of Big Data that can grab the attention of any bounty hunter.

At the point when digital lawbreakers target big data sets, the reward is regularly certainly justified regardless of the exertion expected to infiltrate security layers, which is the reason big data shows such an incredible open door for organizations as well as for digital crooks. They have significantly more to pick up when they follow such a vast data set. Therefore, organizations have significantly more to lose should they confront a digital assault without the best possible security measures set up.

Big Data Privacy and Security Issues

By and large, Big Data presents colossal open doors for organizations that go past simply upgraded business insight. Big Data offers the capacity to increment digital security itself. However, so as to profit by the numerous open doors big data presents, organizations must shoulder the obligation and danger of ensuring that data.

You shouldn’t feel like you need to keep away from Big Data since it could open up your frameworks to assault, however you should know about the two sides of the coin. Trust in Big Data and you’ll be better secured against the dangers the dim spans of the web can bring.

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Top 5 Open Source Tools for Big Data Analysis

Big Data analytics tools have become a major part of any business. Here, we are going to discuss the top free open source tools for big data analytics.

1.     Apache Hadoop

Apache is the trusted name in the Big Data industry and their open source tool for Big Data analytics is suitable for any level data processing. This tool can be used on typical low specs hardware devices too.

2.     Apache Spark

Spark is the better alternative of the above-mentioned open source Big Data Analytic tool. This free tool was introduced to cover the shortcomings in the previous version. In simple words, it is the better option for Big Data analysis.

3.     MongoDB

It is also an addition to open source free tools for Big Data analysis. This free tool comes with the futuristic features that you can ever demand from any tool.

4.     R Programming Environment

This tool can run in the SQL server. It can be used in both Windows and Linux operating systems.

5.     Neo4j

This free Big Data analytics tool is available to use at bigger scales and provides better management of the data sets. The tool is flexible to use as there are no schemes in the Neo4J tool.

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Big Data Guide and Free Tools for Analytics

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