This website was created with a purpose of informing, educating and raising awareness of people about safe use of the Internet and its applications, social networks, and devices that are and will be connected to the network. There can be so many things which can create a space for viruses and also, while doing online work, you will come across many hacking schemes which will steal your personal information from your computer, as well. That’s why you always need to stay informed about information security, protecting yourself and your connected devices from several web threats.

Founder and Digital Analyst – Ursula Repas
Color photo of Ursula Repas
Ursula Repas

An intrusion into one of her email accounts encouraged Ursula Repas to an increased interest in online security. Successful completion of undergraduate business IT studies, with an emphasis on the Information Security of companies and corporations, has also contributed to this field of interest.

Since starting college, she has worked part-time as a Web content writer for various web portals and as an IT Sales promoter, specialized in Lenovo devices. Strong interest in security solutions is basically part of her job and her passion.

Ursula’s extensive, up-to-date knowledge and experience with counseling and selling IT products to customers have upgraded into this  website – Infowebica. You can read about Ursula’s career in full at her LinkedIn Profile page.

Feel free to look around, read, comment and share our content. Enjoy and stay safe online!