If you own an iPhone, you probably love it because of the unlimited possibilities it places in the palm of your hands. An iPhone always has something new to offer, especially with the latest iOS software. But let’s not forget about iPhone security. Sure, it’s safer than Android, but still, you can do a lot more for the safety of your data on it.

There are numerous new features and apps you can use to make your iPhone more productive, safe, and convenient. Let’s take a look at some new and updated features for your iPhone security and data usage.

1.     Pin and unpin messages on iOS 14

With the latest software, Apple has made it easier for iPhone users to track their message threads through the message pin and unpin option in the messaging app. Pinned messages will be live at the top of the list with large contact circles. You can pin group chats or one-on-one conversations, including iMessages and SMS texts.

Long press on the messages to want to pin and select the pin option.

2.     Get Siri to transcribe requests

Siri’s voice got a more compact interface in the latest software. However, the new update does not display text when you speak. You can bring this feature back by selecting Siri feedback from the Siri & search option in settings. Enable the ‘always show speech’ option to get back transcription from Siri on your screen.

3.     Using the picture in picture mode on the iPhone

The picture in picture mode is now available on the iPhone using iOS 14. You can now watch videos and enjoy FaceTime when doing other things on your phone. Tap on the picture in picture icon on the top of the app you are using to activate this feature.

4.     Setup medical ID

This is an inbuilt feature in the health app on your iPhone. It gives first responders, and emergency crews access to information that can be lifesaving. You can add information about allergies, blood type, emergency contact, and other available options. The best part is that this app can be accessed even when your iPhone is locked.

Launch the health app and navigate to the medical ID section. Click on the edit button to add information to the ID.

5.     Blocking usage of data on some apps

If you take your iPhone security seriously, then is a possibility to run out of data a lot when using some apps on your iPhone. You can lower your data consumption from your settings. Go to Settings, then click on ‘cellular’ to disable data usage by apps you are not actively using. This is especially helpful when your data for the month runs out before the month is over.

Color photo of a human hand holding an iPhone with several apps on-screen; used to present iPhone Security Apps.
There are numerous new apps you can use to make your iPhone more productive and safe. | Photo credit: Pexels
6.     Speed up a slow iPhone

Over time, your iPhone may become sluggish as the memory fills up and some of the components wear out. If you are not able to invest in the latest iPhone security, you can make your device faster by doing one of a few things.

  • Power off your device every occasionally. This clears out the cache memory.
  • Always delete apps or files that are no longer in use. Backup your photos on the cloud and delete the copies on your phone to free up space.
  • Check which apps run in the background and stop them. This reduces the processing power used.
  • Keep your iOS up to date. iOS 12 is created for performance. It can make older devices faster.
7.     Changing your email apps and default browser

The latest iOS software allows you to use other apps as defaults for different iPhone features such as your email apps and browser. If you prefer using chrome Browser, you can download it from the app store to your phone. Select it from the app settings to make it your default browser.

The same can be done with email apps. You can now use Gmail or Spark on your iPhone. These third-party options are available in settings. Click on your favorite emailing app and make it the default on your phone.

8.     Adding widgets to your home screen

With iOS 14, you can add widgets to your phone’s home screen. Long press on a blank part on your home screen and tap on ‘edit home screen.’ When you tap on the + sign at the corner of the screen, you can add any widget you want to add to your home screen. Tap on ‘add widget’ from the pop-up window to have it added.

9.     Find a VPN tailored to your needs

Using a VPN whenever you are connecting to public Wi-Fi portals ensures your iPhone’s activity remains encrypted. If you find yourself in cafes, hotels, or restaurants offering free Wi-Fi, download a VPN to encrypt your traffic. This service encrypts data sent from your phone through the public network to the site you are browsing. It acts as a tunnel or layer of protection for your phone’s traffic.

10.     Using additional encryption when backing up data

Your iPhone carries all your sensitive data. When you want to save a copy of this data, you need to ensure you are backing up your device safely. Whenever you need to back up your iPhone, ensure you connect it to your computer and use iTunes while ensuring that it is set up to encrypt your backups.

When you use iTunes, you encrypt all the data you back up, and even allows you to create a separate password for the backed data. On iTunes, select your device and go to the backup section. Click on the ‘encrypt iPhone backup’ option and create a password.

Color photo of an on-screen app closeup; used to illustrate the many iPhone Security Apps available.
You can now use Gmail or Spark on your iPhone. These are available in settings. | Photo credit: Pexels
5 Cool Apps you can use on your iPhone

Although there are millions of different apps available, we’ve found some quite interesting apps, which you probably haven’t seen yet. Here is our pick of five amusing apps with iPhone security checked:

1.     ASL app

This free to download app for iPhones is ideal if you are interested in learning American Sign Language. It makes use of video classes to teach the alphabet, words and phrases, and gestures.

2.     Chegg eReader

This app comes in handy for any student. It allows you to buy, rent, or sell books on the app. It also offers study apps that can make studying for exams easier.

3.     Dualgram

Have you ever wanted to screenshot front and back of your iPhone at the same time? Dualgram is a free photo/video app that will take photos from multiple smartphone cameras simultaneously. This app is great for vlogging, as it combines best of both worlds – in front and back of your camera.

4.     BillGuard

If you plan to become better with your finances, BillGuard is an app to consider downloading on your iPhone. It shares some basic features with most banking apps and goes further to offer a tool that helps you manage your spending. It is specifically created to help you monitor irregular spending and helps you in better bill payment management.

5.     Onavo Extended

If the data usage issue persists even after turning off background apps, you can get this free app for better data management. If you are on a limited data plan, Onavo Extended can help you stay on track of your data use. Onavo works by conserving your data by keeping track of the apps and processes draining your plan. This is a helpful plan for people who are constantly on the road.


There are so many features and apps designed to make it easier for you to use your iPhone. These tips and tricks are enough reasons to love using your iOS device even more and brush up on iPhone security. Liked our article? Great! Please comment below and feel free to share this article around! If you wish to know more about Cyber Security Apps, then you are in the right place! 🙂

15 Awesome Tips and Apps for iPhone Security

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